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Understanding Color in Photography by Bryan Peterson Book Review 

 Veteran photographer and instructor Bryan Peterson is best known for his arresting imagery using bold, graphic color and composition. Here he explores his signature use of color in photography for the first time, showing readers his process for creating striking images that pop off the page. He addresses how to shoot in any type of light, and looks at color families and how they can work together to make compelling images in commercial and art photography. He also helps readers understand exposure, flash, and other stumbling blocks that beginning and experienced photographers encounter when capturing images, showing how to get the most out of any composition. With its down-to-earth voice and casual teaching style, Understanding Color in Photography is a workshop in a book, helping any photographer take their images to the next level.


BRYAN PETERSON is a professional photographer, an internationally known instructor, and the best-selling author of Understanding Exposure, Understanding Shutter Speed, Learning to See Creatively, Understanding Digital Photography, and Beyond Portraiture. In addition, he is the founder of the online photography school The Perfect Picture School of Photography. He lives in Chicago.

My Thoughts:

 Over three years ago I bought my first DSLR camera a Nikon D5100 and I since have purchased several lenses. Wow, what a learning curb. Sure I can put it on auto and snap much better pictures than my old camera. I have ventured out some and started playing around with the other settings on my camera. There are many times I just can’t figure out how the colors look so different in my photos. It’s frustrating and leaves me scratching my head trying to figure out what I did wrong. I’m still learning how to be a better photographer. 

Over a year ago I read Bryan Petersons book, “Understanding Exposure” I found it a very helpful tool in taking pictures. I was delighted to read this book. This book is for beginners and professional photographers.  It’s easy to understand and to apply the techniques to your photos. I find the examples of photos that are the same as extremely helpful of a poorly taken picture to a masterpiece. Seeing the differences makes you want to try harder when taking pictures.

This is a full colored book filled with a large variety of vivid images throughout this 135 page book. The photos in this book are absolutely stunning.

The book is broken down in four sections:

Light, Exposure and color
Color and Composition
Color and Mood
Using Tools to Enhance Color

I found it especially interesting in how different colors can affect the moods from the orange, blue, green, purple tones. This section intrigued me the most.

I’m not going to even try to sound intelligible on the topics covered in this book. The more I learn the more I realize that I have a lot more learning to do. I will be referring to this book several times throughout the years. 

I received a free copy of this product from Blogging for Books- Waterbrook in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this information accordance with the FTC Regulations.

Liar’s Winter by Cindy K. Sproles Book Review

 Lochiel Ogle was born with a red-wine birthmark--and it put her life in jeopardy from the moment she entered the world. 

Mountain folks called it "the mark of the devil," and for all the evil that has plagued her nineteen-year existence, Lochiel is ready to believe that is true. And the evil surely took control of the mind of the boy who stole her as an infant, bringing her home for his mother to raise.

Abused and abandoned by the only people she knows as family, Lochiel is rescued by a peddler and given the first glimpse of love she has ever known. The truth of her past is gradually revealed as is the fact that she is still hunted by a brother driven to see her dead. Unsure if there's anyone she can truly trust, Lochiel is faced with a series of choices: Will she continue to run for escape or will she face her past and accept the heartbreaking secrets it reveals? Which will truly free her?

Set in the wild and beautiful Appalachian Mountains of nineteenth-century East Tennessee, Liar's Winter is an unflinching yet inspirational exploration of prejudice and

My Thoughts:

I was looking for something completely different from my typical reading genre. This was the first time I have read anything from Cindy K. Sproles. This was an interesting read that kept me reading long into the night.

I love the accent she brings into the book it made me feel like I was back home in a nearby state! I love the setting of the Appalachian Mountains and the time period. Cindy K. Sproles writing style made the story amazing. She brought the people, place, and era come alive within the pages of the book.

This time period is also a sad time due to the prejudice because of her birthmark on her face. Her brother was heartless and cruel. Lochiel having a large birth mark that covered her check and neck made it even worst. Her whole family treated animals kinder than they treated her.

Then one day with the help of a kind man she was able to run away. She lived with his family and found out that she wasn’t marked by the devil. Through their love she found forgiveness and love. Her troubles are far from being over as her brother is looking to kill her.   

This was a powerful book that will grip your heart and your emotions. This story stayed on my mind even after reading this story. I look forward to reading other books from Cindy K. Sproles in the future.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product from Kregel Publication in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this information accordance with the FTC Regulations.

Captain Bayley's Heir a Homeschool Crew Review

We have been listening to another great audio drama from Heirloom Audio Productions.  Their newest adventure by G.A. Henty is Captain Bayley's Heir

I received:

Captain Bayley's Heir Physical CD set
Captain Bayley's Heir Adventure Playlist
Captain Bayley's Heir E-book the Original
Captain Bayley's Heir Official Soundtrack
Printable Cast Poster
Study Guide and Discussion Starter in PDF format
Inspirational Hymn Poster
Desktop Wall Paper
Live the Adventure Club

The story is adapted from G.A. Henty books. G.A. Henty does a wonderful job on focusing on Christian character, Godly lifestyle, and Biblical principles with all his stories. I love sharing his stories with my kids. The stories cover so many eras in history and history is a subject that my family loves. He has written 122 books in all and you will surely find something for everyone.

Captain Bayley's Heir Synopsis:

The main character is Frank Norris who is attended school in England. The era is 1850’s. One day he will inherit a considerable fortune as heir to Captain Bayley.
Frank is an honest chap with Godly attributes. He befriends a lad who has to get around in a cart. Frank is willing to help out anyone.

Then one day he and his friends go somewhere that the school has forbidden them to go.  Frank breaks another person’s nose out of self defense. This person bribes him and unless he can pay the fee he will inform his school president where Frank went. Frank prays for a miracle for the money as he can’t ask his family for it. The money turns up in the allotted time he was given. Then the unthinkable happens as Frank is accused of stealing the money. The school tells him that he needs to come clean or he will be expelled from school. Frank can’t bring that kind of shame to his family and decides to flee to America with the help of his cousin. 

Frank’s character shines through in everything he does. Frank is not afraid of hard work. He lands jobs and works hard at everything he does and finds favors with the people he meets.

He feels guilty putting his family through the shame he has brought to his family back in London. He feels that he must prove himself in America and make something out of his self. He sets his course on California and the gold rush. He travels cross country and meets new friends; he travels on the wagon trains, fights off an Indian raid, hunts buffalo, and countless adventures. He goes through many more trials and tribulations that change him into the man he is suppose to be.

Frank strikes it rich in California. Will he be able to let his family know back in London what has become of him?  

Captain Bayley's Heir CD set comes in a tri-fold case with 2 CDs. The audio book is over 2 hours on non-stop adventure. My family loves all the realistic sounds on the audio book. You can close your eyes and just imagine the scene. You hear the wagons on the trials, the camp fire, and so much more.

Now for the Bonus Materials:

Captain Bayley's Heir Adventure Playlist: The playlist is a way for you to listen to the CD without the actual CD. You can download it or listen to it from your computer.

Captain Bayley's Heir E-book the Original: G.A. Henty original story with updated colorful illustrations.  

Captain Bayley's Heir Official Soundtrack: The original music composed by John Campbell from the story. You can listen to the music without the story.

Printable Cast Poster: Promotional story with the actors/actresses with Brian Blessed (Tarzan & Star Wars), John Rhys-Davies (The Lord of the Rings & Indiana Jones), Jade Williams (The Royal Shakespeare Company), and other star studded cast.

Inspirational Hymn Poster: With a favorite and beloved hymn with the quote from the story, “Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound” that has a beautiful sunset and a wagon and a lovely backdrop of the landscape.

Desktop Wall Paper: You can display the colorful picture from the cover of the CD on your computer with this high definition imagine.

Live the Adventure Club: This is a website filled with all the material for the Heirloom Audio Productions CDs. You have access to all the materials. There is a community forum that you can discuss the stories, general, homeschool, prayer, and many other topics with others. They have many other resources on the site to enrich your homeschool.

Study Guide and Discussion Starter: The Study Guide comes in a PDF format. This is a full color PDF with 38 pages.

The Study Guide is intended as a discussion starter for your younger kids. For older kids you can use the Study Guide to assign a written assignment. You could have them use this as a book report, research paper of the era or on one topic like the Gold Rush. There are many topics you can cover with this Study Guide. Or you can just have them write down the answers to all the questions. 

The Study Guide is broken down in three sections Listening Well, Thinking Further, and Defining Words. The nice thing is that at the beginning of each section/page it has the CD number along with what track it covers.  It gives you the running time of each track.

Listening Well:  All of the questions can be found on the CD.  Some of the questions may be easy and other questions may be harder. You can print out the questions and have them ready to go over after each part.  This particular section lets you see that your child comprehends the story and if they are listening.

Thinking Further: This section will have many thought provoking questions that your child will need to come up with. They may have to look up something, come to some conclusions about the characters and their actions. It will take the story to a whole new level to increase their understanding of the story.  For younger kids some of the questions you may have to start out and let them finish up your thought.

Defining Words: Grab a dictionary for this section. You can have them write down the vocabulary words or tell you what they mean orally.   

The numbers of questions vary in each section of the story. For example on  the page: Prospecting which is on CD 2 and Track 4.

The Listening Well has 16 questions. Some of the questions would be:

Why has Mr. Adams insisted on digging in this particular spot?
What do Frank and Jim have in common?

One question requires your child to think about the scene and then elaborate on the dream. While the second question may be easier as each child  may have different answers.

Some examples of the Thinking Further:

Find Sacramento on a map. Today, it’s the capital of California.

 Dickens says, “We often miss the treasures of the river while we spend our lives in the creek.” Is he only talking about their current situation? What does his proverb mean?

You get to add some geography into your study. There is a lot of variation in the questions throughout.

From the second question you can see that some of the questions can be a lot more thought provoking and you may need to give an explanation to the younger kids.

Some of the vocabulary in this section for the Defining Words: Afoul, nugget, and tug. This is one of the shorter sections with vocabulary.

There are sections throughout called, “Expand Your Learning” This is going to go beyond the Study Guide and give you more information on topics as you can see from the picture above.

For older students they have some recommended books to further the study on this topic.

One of my favorite parts is the Bible Study section. This Study Guide has three Bible Studies: “God’s Grace”, “Becoming a Christian” and “Honoring Your Parents”. What is nice about this is that you look up the Bible verses for yourself in the Bible version you prefer, and it’s not a commentary. It’s a heart to heart with you talking to your child about God.

How did I use Captain Bayley's Heir in my Homeschool?

As always as soon as my kids see anything from Heirloom Audio Productions it goes with use as we walk out the door and into the CD player. Now that we live out of town we can usually listen to the CD in a day. This was the case this time around as we were in town for a whole day for appointments. Then of course the kids want dad to listen to the story also.  Anything from Heirloom Audio Productions will be listened to at least 5 times when we get a new story and then we listen to them several times after that with the mix of other stories.  

This time around we did work through the Study Guide and Discussion Starter. We don’t write anything down as a family as we just go through and discuss the questions. I was able to use it with both my 14 year old daughter and 11 year old son.

However, I do have the kids look up places on the map and any words that they don’t know I have them look up in a dictionary. I have them use the dictionary online and in our physical dictionary.

I used the Captain Bayley's Heir Adventure Playlist for the first time. My son downloaded it to my computer and we could go back and listen to sections if needed to on some of the questions.

I had my kids look up the scriptures in the Bible Study over the course of the review. They had to tell me about how certain scriptures applied to the story and how it applies to them.

My son is very curious and looked up some videos online about the Gold Rush and about how to sift gold.

For me Heirloom Audio Productions is a life saver as my daughter has Autism and other disabilities and driving in a car is stressful for her and for the rest of the family. Since we started listening to the stories from Heirloom Audio Productions she is delightful in the car. Yes, every time we are in the car driving we have on one of Heirloom Audio Productions stories and have added on a few other audio books. Heirloom Audio Productions is her favorite. I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to all the stories as I have lost count. We all know the stories by heart. The funny thing is that we are not tired of them as they still grab our attention!

My family has listened to many audio books I have to admit that Heirloom Audio Productions is our favorite and we haven’t found anyone who measures up to Heirloom Audio Productions quality. Most of all I love the characters in the story that have courage, morals, and faith in action. You are missing out if you have never heard one of the audio dramas from Heirloom Audio Productions.

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Other reviewers have listened to Captain Bayley's Heir. You can click on the link to see what other from the Homeschool Review Crew are saying.


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